What is a Lifetime Home?

A Lifetime Home is personally convenient for anyone. MORE than multi-generational or “livable for a lifetime”, everything in design and function is EASY, flexible and adapts to you no matter what happens (i.e. you can accomplish things, get around and care for yourself and others in multiple ways). How does your home measure to this standard?

Watch Design Consultant Amy Turnage describe how UD = Easy.

Any “house” can be a Lifetime Home. Regardless of square footage or type, a Lifetime Home is proactively designed and built so that you and your family can remain there for as long as you choose because you have efficient, socially sustainable options for using the property (i.e. the house adapts to you). A Lifetime Home is the opposite of Peter Pan Syndrome, which produces houses designed and built as if nobody changes, for the average person of an average height, age and mobility. A Lifetime Home is not a style but a characteristic or essence, a smart, high performance house regardless of climate or geographic area.

Does that mean it’s expensive? Could be depending on your choices and preferences. But making sure throughout the house that no outlets are lower than 18 inches nor any switches/controls are higher than 48 inches doesn’t cost an extra cent for building new or renovating. NOT building steps could actually save money by…..not building steps. So as with so many questions, the answer “depends” on your selections.

This proactive design-build approach is more about thinking ahead than spending, although you can certainly lose control of your budget like with anything. However, even if you want the latest and greatest, you need to assess the total cost (i.e. actual expense and opportunity cost) over the long term. The Gizmatic might cost more today but what if it performs flawlessly, lasts forever, keeps you active, secure and comfortable longer? Or maybe you can live without for now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare now for that option later. So cost is relative in terms of money spent today for quality that lasts and saves money over the long haul. Most production homes begin falling apart within seven years. A Lifetime Home is built to require only minimal upkeep and to last for decades.

Finally, a Lifetime Home could be your dream house or “the last move” but not necessarily. More importantly and regardless of life stage (e.g. imagine a Kid-friendly house for children), a Lifetime Home is convenient, comfortable, efficient and secure for everyone (including visitors) no matter their age or abilities. A Lifetime Home is multi-generational for YOU throughout YOUR decades. A Lifetime Home is about ANY-ability not inability/disability. It’s simply smart, better living design.

How does your home measure literally? Grab a tape measure and review the BuilderFish Lifetime Home Survey to learn how your home compares. Questions? Email me.

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