Top Five Design Ideas to Create a Luxury Basement

Creating a luxury basement is a great way to maximize your living space. At the same time, it allows you to create an original space (designed by you) in your home that you will truly love. This can be done in the building process when you create your custom home, or it can be done to upgrade an existing home! There are many ways to create a luxury basement. We are always thrilled to make your visions and dreams come true.  Here are the top five design ideas that we can include to help you create a luxury basement.

Top Five Design Ideas

1.Wine Cellar – A wine cellar is a unique and sophisticated addition to any luxury basement. For the wine connoisseur, it’s a must-have to secure the best of your vintage vino!

Top Five Design Ideas to Create a Luxury Basement

2. Theater Room– A theater room is a fun and cool place to hang out, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own home! Make it super casual with sofas and a popcorn machine, or get fancy with tiered leather recliners for the whole family. 

3. Personal Home Gym – Create the ultimate gym complete with a weight room, cardio machines and yoga space. Your design is limited only by your imagination – design the best gym you can imagine while never leaving your home. 

4. Custom Built-In Bar – Bring your favorite themed bar or pub to the comfort of your own basement! Whether you want a Irish pub theme or a tiki, beached themed bar, you can build your dream vacation bar right in your own home. 

5. Ultimate Kids Play Room– If you have children or grandchildren, chances are you need to identify a special place for the children to play. Design the ultimate playroom with custom storage and built-in play tables. Provide these kids with the perfect playroom when they play or visit – maybe they play more often!

At BuilderFish we will create any custom designs and dreams you may have! You will sit down one on one with our team to design and collaborate to be sure we build what fits your needs and vision!

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