Three Ways to Achieve Picture Perfect Landscaping

Picture perfect landscaping. We all want our yards to look picture perfect, especially in beautiful weather! There are many ways to achieve picture perfect landscaping. Here are three ways that we can help you achieve the landscaping of your dreams.

Three Ways to Achieve Picture Perfect Landscaping

1.Lighting– Just like in the home, changing lighting in your yard and landscaping can make a huge impact! Lights illuminate walk ways, dinning areas and plants. Lights can give your landscaping great visibility and dimension. It can create a tone and an ambiance. Specialty lights, colored lights and LED lights are all great options for the backyard, especially to create a picture perfect landscape. Beyond the aesthetic importance of lighting, it is important for the function and safety of your yard.

“The perfect combination of lighting can transform an outdoor space into an oasis. Whether you want to highlight stonework, illuminate walkways or draw attention to interesting foliage, explore which techniques work best together for your layout.”

2.Water– Using a water fountain, water fall, koi pond or pool to accent your landscaping is another nice feature. It adds beauty to your landscaping and also ambiance. The sounds of running water are very calming and peaceful and can add to the tone of your yard. Below is a photo of a custom fountain we created and installed at our Signature BuilderFish home in Madison, Virginia.

Three Ways to Achieve Picture Perfect Landscaping

3. Flowers and other plants– It wouldn’t be landscaping without some flowers or other plants! Flowers and plants are a classic element of landscaping. We can design your landscape with as many flowers or other plants that you would like! Here are some tips and tricks that might help you start to think about what kind of flowers or plants you would like to include in your landscaping! The possibilities are truly endless.

Picture perfect landscaping is attainable. We look forward to helping you create a custom and luxury landscape at your home.


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