I have worked with Oak & Stone since 2012 building my 32.000 sq. ft. estate. If what you are looking for is high-end, high-quality workmanship that is properly engineered to your specifications, Oak & Stone is your company! They have highly skilled craftsman that are very conscientious and pay great attention to every detail on the project. From ground breaking to certificate of occupancy, Oak & Stone has been with us every step of the way. We are delighted with the result and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to build their dream home.
Ron F
Estate Owner
Castlebrook would not be what it is if it weren’t for the Oak & Stone Team! Their care and attention to detail is what made our home what it is, a home. I was hands-on with all of the design work with the Oak & Stone's master craftsman’s and engineers at my fingertips. They always took great care with everything we decided to do. Their guidance was key. I would not hesitate to use them on any project imaginable. If you can dream it, they can build it!
Central Virginia Region
“As owner of JLH Sustainable Housing and William C Huff White Glove Logistics Company, I have had the privilege to work with Jonathan Fishbeck and Oak & Stone for more than 5 years. The opportunity to provide white glove logistics support for the 35,000 square foot Castlebrook Estate allowed us to develop a relationship which extends beyond just business. I personally have been able to consult with Jonathan on a number of occasions as I launched JLH Sustainable Housing. Jonathan’s extensive knowledge in home construction and in sustainable building practices has been incredibly helpful for developing our own unique housing project. We look forward to continuing collaboration with the Oak & Stone team in the months and years to come.“
They make the design process fun and enjoyable. They take you by the hand and work with you to understand your budget, what you want and then make it happen. Estimates and phased invoices are detailed and you can see exactly how you are doing not only on the project timeline but also on the budget. There may be surprises as the demo progresses but they are very open, show you the issues, work with you to identify solutions and are completely transparent on any and all cost changes. Their attention to detail throughout the process (from work site cleanliness to final walk through) is unmatched. The final product is always ready for a magazine shoot.
Paul S
Custom Home Owner
For several years I have used Oak & Stone, in many capacities, from new construction to maintenance and services. I’ve come to expect exceptional quality in workmanship, starting with professional and meticulous interactions with their staff. Oak & Stone not only takes the time to fully understand the goals of my project, but they also have the experienced professionals who guide me through my options. Oak & Stone has consistently exceeded my expectations on every phase of each project. When I want something to be discriminating, constructed with quality and precision, and to last - I’ve relied on Oak & Stone.
Bill H
Services Partner
Oak & Stone made my dream a reality. I was very impressed with their knowledge of historical, traditional and modern construction materials and methods. Their well-honed design-build process ensured that I was always aware of where my project was and the impact of changes, but they we’re always willing to make the in-flight changes necessary to get it right. I felt like I can honestly say that the result was even better than I had planned and solidly engineered top-to-bottom. I would hire Oak & Stone again for any phase of my future construction projects, large or small.
Home Owner