BuilderFish’s unmatched experience, combined with our unique approach, we advocate for clients and provide breadth and depth across any project type from initial passion to turn-key.

Land Research & Acquisition

We deliver a comprehensive study for environmental feasibility and partner with top-realtors to acquire dream location with amazing lines of site.

Solution Architecture & Engineering

Our tradition is simple, to design amazing homes supported by incredible landscapes in unison. BuilderFish’s proven team of architects and engineers spans the country specializing in making sure those dreams last a lifetime.

Mobile Welding & Repair Service

Break-downs happen and when they do, our full-service mobile repair team helps you stay in production.

Custom Luxury Resorts & Destination Locations

We deliver an elite guest experience with select amenities and service built-in, to streamline efficiency. Go further with BuilderFish’s “Secure Hospitality Package” to include secure wi-fi and private wireless networks for corporate retreats and your own mobile app.


Imagine the finer details of you in your future home and let BuilderFish reverse-engineer every detail down to a cold drink by the pool with your loved ones soaking up the good life.

Custom Luxury

Using eco-friendly materials and methodology, BuilderFish constructs amazing spaces for beloved horses to have a home away from home, so you can rest easy knowing they’re safe and secure.

Custom Luxury Machine Shops

We have just what you’re looking for with our award winning machine shops from the Fastlane to Farm Equipment. Precision craftsmanship with have your friends enjoying your incredible collection.

Luxury Pools
& Spas

With our award winning designs, our team helps you create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Luxury Water Fountains

Running water projects tranquility for all to enjoy and find peace, our year of experience go to work for you in this difficult climate so your beautiful features last with low maintenance and costs.

Sustainable Ponds & Waterfalls

We love the environment and help our client’s figure out innovative ways to develop sustainable ecosystems to preserve natures natural beauty and wildlife.

Bridges and Roads

Our certified team has design-built spectacular arch and beam bridges to or beyond a Virginia Department of Transportation standard. Our roads exceed standards to ensure safety and low maintenance to include heating systems.

Landscape &

Our expert architects and engineers help paint a beautiful picture with our proprietary assemblies which we seamlessly incorporate to provide the feelings you desire.

Retaining Walls & Stonework

BuilderFish is proud to be the premiere structural stone boulder and veneer stone retaining wall provider in Virginia to deliver a natural look of the finest stone in the area.

Entrance Gates
& Fences

Leveraging our amazing team, we incorporate gates, surveillance, communications, lighting and more to make an impact for your guest, with technology services for a turn-key solution.

Commercial & Residential Welding

Certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) we provide design and fabrication to exact installation. Residential framing to meet wind-bracing codes to decorative metal we work with steel, aluminum, stainless and carbon.

Lot Clearing
& Renovation

Many projects start with clearing of a property which often includes woods or untouched land. We do this part of the project with an eco-friendly mindset and we do all we can to preserve the property's best features whenever possible.

Next Steps

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