Expert Tips for Building a New Home

Looking for expert tips for building a new home? As a luxury custom home builder in Virginia, clients often look for tips for building a new home. Building a new home is a marathon and not a sprint. Have your vision become your reality!  Here are some expert tips for building a new home.

Tips for Building a New Home

Expert Tips for Building a New Home

Find the right builder for you. Remember how much time you will be spending with the home builder and team you choose. It is imperative that you choose a builder who understands what your vision and dream home look like. At BuilderFish, we will sit down and have a one on one consultation to truly understand your design ideas and preferences in order to collaborate on a home that fits your needs. Be sure to be open and honest with your team, tell them what you like and don’t like! This is your house, so if something isn’t right, be honest.

Take your time. Building a custom home does not happen overnight. It is important to truly take the time to paint the vision of your dreams. Enjoy the process!

Avoid making decisions for resale purposes. There is a common misconception that building a home for resale purposes will benefit you, however this is not necessarily ideal for you. This is your home, make choices to benefit you and fulfill your wishlist.

Budget for things that are unplanned. As much as we try to always stick exactly to the budget that we discuss, there are times that an opportunity to make something even more spectacular arises in the process that will make your dream home even better. If you choose to spend more on them great, but if you can’t because you didn’t plan to , you may have regrets.

Bake security into your custom build home! If home security and home automation are important to you, bake it into your custom build home from the beginning. Why go back and add it after the fact! We have experts that can assist you with this from the beginning.

Accreditations. What collection of  accreditations does the builder have? These should include but are not limited to; Certified Aging in Place Specialist, A Class Builders General Contractor, USGBC member and NAHB memberBe sure to ask your builder what accreditations they have so you know who you are working with.

We look forward to helping you make your custom home dreams a reality!

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