Custom Ponds That Last Maintenance Free

Let us help you create a custom built pond that lasts, maintenance free! When you build your custom home or create your dream backyard, consider adding a custom pond! Imagine coming home to a gorgeous custom pond built in your own backyard. A pond is a great way to create a tone and create ambiance in your yard.

Maintenance Free Custom Pond

Three ways we will create your custom pond that will last, maintenance free.

  1. Zero Impact – We will be sure to use all natural resources in your yard to create a pond that has zero impact on the environment. In other words, we will use everything natural we have at our disposal so not to disturb the organic landscape. If you have a natural perennial water source like a spring or stream that we can build the pond around that.
  2. Plant Smart – We help create aquatic shelves to aerate the water! We also choose grasses and trees to create a once a year cutback (mowing). Additionally, there are many different types of plants we can put in the pond to create both a unique and smart ecosystem to keep the pond more clean! You can read more here about the different type of pond plants you can choose from.
  3. Engineer for the Worst Custom Pond by BuilderFishCustom Pond by BuilderFishCustom Pond by BuilderFish– Our team plans for the worst weather conditions when we design and create your custom pond. We want to ensure that even in the worst flood or storm, the dam and the pond are strong enough so they are not compromised by mother nature or the elements!

Custom Pond

Benefits of an eco-friendly Pond

Create a beautfiful landscape with soothing and stress relieving water sounds!

Create a natural place to help preserve wildlife and plant life already in your yard!

“With a shift away from grass-filled lawns that require water, energy, and resources like gas and oil to maintain, many people are seeing the benefits of more natural landscaping environments that include water features.”

We can help you enjoy a maintanece free custom pond in your own yard!

Custom Pond Construction

Click on the link below to see a video of current construction of a custom pond in progress!

Custom Pond by BuilderFish

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