Complex Carpentry

Groin Arch Ceiling

Tricky carpentry before plaster, a groin vault ceiling, also known as a double barrel or cross vault. Appears like two barrels cut in half, all right angles at the intersections. This technique dates back to the Romans.

The curved archway is a straight piece of wood trained over weeks to arch, twist and bend into a cylindrical room. In other words, the wood is moving in three directions.

Notice the curve on a curve, a slight bend and twist to the arch. Even standing there it can be hard to see. Great job photographing by Andrea Hubbell

And finally the dome ceiling in the dining room is a piece of work, 16 feet long and 12 feet wide, will feature two chandeliers and uplighting. 

Just the framing has taken nearly 100 hours but the finished plaster ceiling will be spectacular. Can't wait to show you.

Tip of the cap to Bill, George, Eddie, Jesse, Luke, Antonio and Jose for their fine work. Good job fellas, sure hope I didn't miss anyone. 

I'll describe another time those custom iron doors from Italy.

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